Friday, August 21, 2009

Choosing carefully Flash Disk

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Flash disks have now become important commodity for many people, especially workers . Although small shapes, but the flash disk has a very big function to save important data, photos, songs or movies. Therefore it's good when you are more careful in choosing flash disk.
There are several factors that need to see before you select the type of flash disk, the following are:

1.Security factors. Choose a flash disk controller chip that has in each unit. Controller chip will allow you to install the flash disk with a variety of portable software, such as security and file synchronization software.

2.The warranty. The period of the flash disk average around 2-3 years, so make sure you select the flash disk that has a warranty.

3.Capacity factor. Choose a flash disk that fits your needs in storing data. The greater need for data that need to be stored then a flash disk you need is a big capacity. It will not be effective when you have to buy flash disk repeatedly because of a lack of capacity.

4.Speed factor. Capacity flash disk that the larger, should be automatically supported with transfer speeds that are higher for easy transfer of data. As a recommendation, choose the High Speed USB 2.0 flash disk.

5.Design factors. Currently available various kinds of brand flash disk with interesting designs. Choose the design of flash disk according to your taste. But do not forget to also consider factors completeness accessories offered, such as hemp, cover flash disk and the data cable.

Note: Make sure you have 2 pieces flash disk, in order to anticipate the occurrence of something that is not desired, it seems the loss of data in the flash disk. 1 Use the flash disk to store the main data, while other flash disk for data backup.

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Ali Munandar on October 13, 2009 at 11:56 PM said...

tanks for tips about flashdisk, very helfull


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