Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smart Hair Tips

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No matter whether your hair long or short, would have provided health still look beautiful. Many ways you can do to get healthy hair. Not necessarily be to the salon, you can perform simple maintenance on the house and avoid some of the causes of hair damage.

Follow the following tips to get healthy and beautiful hair quickly:

1. Do not rinse your hair with hot water. The heat will only damage your hair. Instead, wash your hair with cold water or water lukewarm and you'll see the difference

2. Keep your hair from hair stylist tools that emit heat, like a hair dryer, hair straightener tool, curling, etc. Let your hair dry by itself naturally. Try not to use these tools for a month. If you want to create hair volume, just the hair by using hair rollers / hair curlers.

3. Apply conditioner to the hair every once in a week. This is very important to restore the hair needs moisture.

4. Never pull the hair. The hair brittle and break easily. If you comb it too hard and rough it will make the hair brittle and branching. If your hair is too difficult to comb after every shampoo, try to cope with tousled hair first and then the other strands of hair combed gently with a toothed side of rare.

5. Try to avoid hair treatments such as curling or coloring. Although this can make your hair look beautiful, but the type of treatment can cause damage to the hair.

6. Do not comb my hair too often. Hair that is too often brushed strands of hair can weaken and cause brittle hair.

7. Perform regular trim. You will be surprised to know how beautiful and healthy your hair after a trim once a month or once every three weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Our hair is our asset. So, taking care of it every day is a must. Nice tips you have here :)


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