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Do not be Confused Select Bride Gown

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Marriage preparation is very draining time, energy and money. One who often makes her confused is the selection of appropriate wedding dress with the body shape. To reduce confusion, here we provide some guidance choosing the appropriate wedding dress with a desire.

To make it easier when choosing the ideal wedding dress bridal retailer, ask the designer to make a wedding dress or choose the appropriate size of your body. Of course, the various models of wedding dresses to choose from with the material also vary. So, before you even more confused, maybe drop a dress models that will be applied in a wedding dress and some other important things. 

Model off houlder, v neck or scoop can be selected so that your appearance looks more beautiful and sexy. It is not easy to find a dress like you want. 

But try to bring one relative or family to help choose and input as consideration for a dress that fits you. 

Never rush when choosing a dress, because these clothes will be memorable memory until the end of time. 

White color selection is always into something that looks beautiful. Because the color white signifies purity of the meaning of a marriage. Wedding dress white, having a certain model pretty with a long tail will make you more charming and this is the dream of most women on their wedding day. 

But you do not ever feel doubt, if you want to look different by choosing neutral colors brighter other. Like the pastel colors, light blue, pink, orange and so on in order to look more beautiful and looks stunning. Of course, pay attention to the color of your skin with a wedding dress to the perfect look. 

Wedding dress color is very important in determining the response from the guests and feel you want to create. In addition, the atmosphere is created in your marriage can reflect your personality. So make the concept of marriage to suit both your desires. 

The last thing you need to consider is owned budget. That way, any dress model can be selected with the appropriate budget.

3 Types of Damaged Hair Care

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Beautify hair by hair coloring, waving or straightening done is a common woman. But without proper care, your beautiful hair can be damaged. Hair will look stiff, dull, and brittle branches. Using conditioner, hair vitamins and masks are some kind of treatment you can do to prevent hair damage.


Conditioner function is to moisturize and soften the cuticle (outer layer of hair) which seem rude. Conditioners can replace the moisture that reduced each time the hair washed with shampoo. However, due to the workings of this moisturizing hair only on the surface and not into the texture of hair, the less than optimal help damaged hair, whether due to permed or colored. 

There are various types of conditioning, including that already contained conditioner in shampoo products, which need a separate conditioner rinse and conditioner should be washed separately leave on.

To separate species, you just put about 1 tablespoon of conditioner to the hair shaft. Avoid applying on the scalp especially with the way a massage, as this can make oily hair and dandruff. For dandruff hair, should not use conditioner because it will increasingly moisten the hair.

Hair Vitamins 

Hair vitamin function almost the same as hair moisturizer, only more intense. This vitamin has a composition and a better material than regular moisturizers. This type of treatment is very good for protecting hair from damage and makes hair softer and shiny. But nature is to protect and not to restore or repair damaged hair hair structure.

Hair Masks 

Hair mask function is to strengthen and give softness to the hair by providing the highest nutrients to the hair shaft. Hair masks can meet many of the necessary nutrients damaged hair. In addition to containing a lot more moisturizers, masks also play a role in replacing keratin hair shaft, especially on damaged hair that has been lost due to chemical processes and free radicals. Keratin is a collection of fiber or fibers that contain plenty of protein. 
For how to use, you simply put a mask hair from the root to the tip of the hair, after hair washing. Cover hair with hot towel and let stand for 10 minutes. Next, rinse the hair clean. 
To remember, avoid the use of this mask on the scalp area.

Take care of equipment Hairstylist

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Not only the hair that needs to be treated. The tools you normally use for your hair should also be frequently hospitalized and kept clean. With the right treatment so tools such as hair stylist hair dryer, iron and curly flat iron works well and last long enough for many years. This treatment is very important, because it also can maintain the beauty of your hair.

*Clean filters or filter the existing tools on your hair dryer. Use a small brush to remove dust attached to the filter device, to avoid the blow dryer cause excessive heat.

*Save up neatly. Always keep a hair dryer and hair brush in a container or a closed place. You can put it in a drawer so that these instruments are not easy to dirty and dusty. Hair dryer and a dirty hairbrush can facilitate the bacteria move into your hair. 

*Clear your comb. Try to wash your hair comb once a month by using the shampoo and water. 

*Clean your equipment with a flat iron is made from a mixture of baking soda and water. Dip a clean washcloth in the mixture and then apply the flat iron.

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