Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sexie Mole

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Many women think a mole on his face is a bully appearance. Not so in the Middle Ages. At that standards of beauty of a woman lies in a mole on his face.

Mole-called 'beauty spot' because it was considered impressive sexy. In fact, there was a trend to make fake mole made of black velvet cloth. Funnily enough, this trend is also functional, because the fabric was also used to cover acne or acne scars, also stain smallpox.

Let's reduce the fat in the body

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1. Reduce intake of carbohydrates, especially at night. By crossing out the rice or bread from the dinner menu, you are freed from the additional 3,000 calories per week.
2 Expand eat fruit. Better to choose fresh cut fruit juice rather than made.
3 Choose low-fat milk or non-fat milk. The number of calories in one cup of milk is half of normal milk.
4 Select the soy sauce or olive oil instead of sauce made from raw egg yolks and oil, such as mayonnaise or thousand island.
5 Consider the amount of sugar that enters the body. Choose low-calorie sugar, if you're want to enjoy the sweet drinks. Eating this kind of sugar could cut 2700 calories per week.

Specify Color Apparel For Attention Teaser

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Harmony in blue and yellow long indeed been engraved in the history of fashion. Apply two different types of yellow color to fresh effect immediately.

Casual dress shirts and cotton materials are always comfortable to be with me time. Contrast color dress with bright bandanas, bracelets, and shoes.

Free movement playsuit with hot pant and knee-shocking color. Customise or with your favorite bag.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

All About Pants

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With pants, you can freely indulge. Different models, different way of life

Skinny Pants

For the casual look, matching skinny pants with a loose top. Anyway, a baggy top trend.
● Skinny pants worn to the office is okay, but make sure you wear a shirt that is not too tight.
● Match with heels or flat. But avoiding fat newfangled shoes that can make your legs look strange. Skinny Pants is also a good friend of boots!

Capri Pants

● Before buying, make sure the Capri pants have a length that falls right in the middle calf, not too short or long.
● The most friendly Capri pants are Capri pants with baggy legs made from falls, so do not be too attached to the body. Pants of this kind can make the legs appear thinner, while the opposite applies strict Capri.
● Match with wedges Capri pants, flat shoes or keds. Please note that the Capri is the enemy closed boots and slippers.

Harem Pants

● Notice of harem pants before you buy. The slim fit with any material, but the material contains more suited to a fine or lycra.
● Keep it simple! Harem pants look very fit with simple tops. Cropped jacket can help define the waist when you wear these pants.
● Harem pants look good with heels as it can make you look slimmer and taller. But select the newfangled slender heels, yes! The height can combine these pants with sandals or flat shoes.
● Do not wear excessive accessories when wearing harem pants. Once again, simple is more!

Wide Leg Pants

● Balance the form of wide pants with fitted tops. Top baggy pants are not good friends with this model. Tight white T-shirt could look stunning with the help of a beautiful scarf or necklace layer.
● Create a clean appearance and not excessive. You can enter your top tip into these pants for an elegant look.
● Wear the right shoes so you look beautiful. The best option is to pump shoes!

Short Pants

● Get a "short" appropriate for your age. Do not wear pants too short so as to make people think you're still in puberty.
● Choose a top that is not too tight so you do not look too vulgar. Stack top with a jacket or cardigan.
● If you work in a creative field that tends to casual, you can wear shorts to the office. Choose shorts that height about 3 inches above the knee, matching with a baggy blouse or turtle neck and pretty heels (pumps / wedges). Relaxed but still classy!

Keeping Knives Stay Sharp

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Knives considered major equipment in the kitchen. If not sharp, would have annoying. It could not cut into the desired result. Here are a few tricks for the sharpness of the blade is maintained.

* Do not use for cutting hard objects.

* Hone knife sharpener with the stone. When sharpening, try the same direction. For example, over the next direction should always be upwards. Do not go up and down because it actually makes a dull knife.

* Before being used again, clean the blade with a dry cloth to avoid contamination with bacteria.

* Immediately after washing the knife used to cut materials that contain acids. Point for the color of the blade is not rapidly changing.

* Dry the blade with a towel after washing. Moreover, when the handle is made of wood. If left too long in wet conditions will be easily decomposed or damaged.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Customize your sunglasses with your face shape

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Wearing glasses is not a shortage. Often glasses can help someone "corrects" his face. With the proper choice of glasses, you can maximize your favorite area and less area to hide your liking.

The Round Face

Round faces should choose a frame glasses with a box or a frame with horizontal lines firmly. These glasses will make the face look longer. Dark colors will make the face more dimension.

The Oval Face

The oval frame sunglasses fitted with any model, provided that his frame is short. Materials can also frame his thick, like it was made from metal.

The Oval Face

The oval shape fits wear anything. Choose sunglasses that can highlight your brow shape.

The Face Box

To soften the face of your box, sunglasses with detail on the top and narrow a certain model is suitable for you. You can choose an oval or round shape to make your face is not too box.

The Triangle Faces

The triangular faces need narrow newfangled spectacles. Avoid loud-colored glasses, such as red or green that can make the bottom of your face is getting wider.

Monday, August 2, 2010


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Eyes full of charm with luxurious feel of the rocks. Wrap your eyes These exquisite jewelry with color.

Amethyst-Sapphire Fusion, a combination of purple and blue color intensity which gives a mysterious and sexy. Cosmo Tip: use a base before using the foundation to the surface of your face appears smooth and shiny.

Halcyon Turquoise, the color of the impressive sweep of a cold and shady provides a nice blue-green sheen. Cosmo Tip: use a lip liner like Dessin des Levres # 17 Rose, to frame your lips to look full and volume.

Beaming lapis lazuli, a blue light like the rays of light framing to uplifting the soul. Cosmo Tip: to make your eyes look fresh and clean, use a bright blue mascara.

Luvulite Bold, dark purple aura can give a romantic touch to the face. Cosmo Tip: use Touch Eclat concealer to cover dark circles in your eyes or to highlight the dimensions of the cheekbones, eyes and forehead.

Flaming Stone, Awaken your passion with the sunset orange color of this beautiful stone. Cosmo Tip: in an emergency, you can also use the blush as eyeshadow to make your eyes look open. (Source: Cosmopolitan)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Harmonizing Color in Face

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Brush your eyes and cheeks with a palette of colors according to the shape of the eyes and cheeks, in addition to good views, you will look beautiful and radiant.


Hollow Eyes

Use the color palette with a texture that has the effect of which function glitter or sheen to the eyes look more prominent or large. Then, brush bright colors like purple, blue, and yellow for meminimaliskan concave impression on the eye. To the corner of the eyes, use bright colors of eye shadow colors are used.

Convex or big eyes

to the eyes of a large convex or choose eye shadow palette with a texture with matte or plain do not have the sparkle that is useful for disguising large eyes, and use a color palette with dark brown, dark blue or dark green.

Small eyes

For women who have the kind of slanted eyes, small or valvate not use eye shadow with the dominant seprti bright colors of red, pink, and blue select species with a texture that serves to give a mate a big impression on your eyes.


Round face

Apply blush with a peach from the tip of the ear to the tip of the lips to provide a tapering effect on your round face, and would look into an oval.

Heart Face

For the landlady with a heart shape face, blusher pulaskan pale orange color that starts from the tip of the ear until the middle between the nose and lips

Face Box

Gentle wash of pink on the cheek that started from the tip of the ear toward the nostrils will give a soft impression of the jaw and temple area of your face.

When Beautiful Vacation :)

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At the time to accompany the baby on holiday, you should keep the skin beauty. The result, when the holiday was over, you were still pretty stunning.


Before you do an activity holiday, should look like wearing facial sunblock with UVA and UVB content of two hours prior to travel. Use a moisturizer that is free cosmetics containing oil (oil Free) and anti-water (water proof). Avoid wearing solid powder when a lot of activity in the sun because it will create black stains around the face. Use wax paper to remove sweat and oil that is on the face.


Do not biarakan your beautiful lip glow becomes dry and cracked due to sun exposure or dust flying, always use a lip balm that contains SPF 15, so that your lips become moist skin during the holidays. Do not use lipstick with the color "light" enough to select the color nude face look more fresh.


Protect your crown each piece with an important and easy-care, before traveling washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner that fit your hair type, and provide information on a hair tonic or vitamin to maintain hair sheen. You can even use a leave in condisioner (without rinse conditioner) to maintain your hair to keep it moist and protect from direct sunlight so that heat is not easily fragile and dry.


Before the outdoor activities, care of your skin using scrubs, body butter, or body lotion, after that use a sunblock or sunscreen 2 hours after treatment to avoid skin and protects skin from dryness caused by sun exposure. In order for your body is always fragrant and fresh, do not forget to slide the body or body mist cologne on your makeup pouch. berpakansi survivors.

'Friends' With Oily Skin

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Oily skin is marked with a skin that looks shiny surface, especially when you wake in the morning. Makeup on oily skin usually fade faster because the oil glands on the face is always active, whether day or night.

The pores also look bigger and followed by a buildup of blackheads around the nostrils. Oily skin is also more prone to acne.

Unfortunately, the excess oil on your face can not be eliminated, because it is inborn. Nevertheless, you can minimize it by setting a good diet. For example, avoid eating fried foods and increase fruits and vegetables.

Use a facial cleanser lotion or liquid form with a PH balanced, or combine both. After meyaput dirt on the skin face lotion, may also be followed by the use of soap and then rinse clean.

We recommend that you clean the skin on the face 2-3 times a day when you're at home. When outside the home, oil absorbent tissue can be used to reduce the excessive oil. In addition to absorbing oil, this tissue can also keep the makeup to stay looking neat because there is also equipped with a powder. When you choose a powdered oil absorbent paper, choose the color of the powder according to skin color.

Use the liquid as a refreshing astringent as it can lift excess oil. If confused in choosing suitable products, ask for advice on beauty consultant care where you purchased the product. Section, each brand has different content. Should replace the care products you use, a maximum of two years or so, to prevent skin become resistant (immune) against him.

Though your face is oily skin, you should also apply moisturizer to the skin prior to primp. Select a product as a liquid oil free, so do not face increased "shiny". Put this lotion evenly from the face up to the neck.

Charm from the Drop Earrings

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Earrings drop suitable for you who want to get the look of luxury and tempting, good luck.


Using a unified Paddan Earring

l matching with the dress or outfit with the simple details.

l Adjust the target event.

l Good hair style model with ponytail or bun.

l Adjust the length of earrings by face shape. If you have a short neck should never use rings that are too long because it will give the impression of a short neck.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Prevent Hair Loss

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Treat your hair to always beautifully maintained. Because the strand by strand so precious.

Stress Release
Pollution, sunlight, and chemical products, growing the stress on the hair. In order to relax, massage your scalp and hair with a jealous, an hour before shampooing and before bed.

Besides relaxing scalp and hair, coconut oil also prevents gray hair, makes hair shiny, and strengthen the hair roots.

Damp hair
After shampoo, apply hair conditioner made from coconut palm. Perfumed hair and easy on-the comb. But do not get the scalp, yes, because it makes hair greasy.

Treat Every Time
Once a month treat your hair with a hair mask.
Masks make hair healthier. Vetiver in this hair mask strengthens hair roots, eliminates dandruff as well, you know.

Give Nutrition
Stimulate hair growth with hair tonic. Once touch your scalp, it feels very fresh. Massage gently, OK!

Picky Contact Lenses

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Many options for you who want to try wearing contact lenses. Adjust to the needs of living. Easy, right?

● Disposable Contact Lens
This type of contact lenses of the most practical. Can be selected to the daily, weekly, or monthly.

● Frequent Placement
Usage time can be up to 3-6 months.

● Permanent
Can be used up to one year or more. Instead, RGP lenses, including permanent and can be used up to two years.

● Day Or Night
If the terms of use, contact lenses divided by two. There can be used only during the day and there is also that you can wear while sleeping that night (of course, more oxygen conductivity).

Hair Sensation Spa at Home

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Hair experienced many "challenges" every day. Sunlight, dust, air pollution, up to the level of stress high constantly hit the health of the hair. Hair is easy to experience stress if not treated properly. Starting from dry hair, branched, dull, rigid, up to a severe fall. Just like you, hair is also an occasional need of relaxation.

To restore the health of the hair, usually a woman came to the salon to get their special treatment, one of which is hair spa. Hair spa is a treatment that is more than just creambath or deep conditioning that can neutralize the poison, both on the scalp and hair. In addition, these treatments can also menutrisi melembapkannya hair once. Women who get a hair spa treatment will have a smooth and shiny hair! Beautiful!

Actually hair care steps similar to spa creambath usual, but the difference is in massage techniques and materials used. Spa massage for hair is not done in the head, but more focused on each strand of hair plastered to his head. That way, certainly every strand of hair to get the required nutrients. Addition, the cream used for hair spa also uses basic ingredients that contains a lot of water so easily absorbed by the hair. No wonder if the sensation feels so refreshing!

From Salon Continues to House
If you want to do hair spa, you can try a range of hair products from L'Oréal Professionnel Spa named Original Hair Spa ®. Original Hair Spa ® is a series of premium creambath contained in salons Professionnel L'Oréal who treat a variety of hair types with various scalp conditions. Treatment aims to help get the hair relaxation through massage blend, fragrance products, and the perceived softness of hair after treatment. In the salon, you will get professional assistance to determine what type of hair spa suitable for your hair.

After performing maintenance on the Original ® Spa Hair Salon, you are advised to continue treatment at home for maximum results. This treatment can be obtained through a range of products and energizing Purifying Shampoo Scalp Massage Lotion in the form of hair tonic. Now, both products can be purchased at salons L'Oréal Professionnel. Your hair was still shiny and healthy charming!

Powerful Tips Overcome a broken heart!

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Where the love affair that has been woven since the long break in the middle of the road, it feels like the end. After everything that had worked together, now you have to do yourself. Could be farewell is your will or decision by both parties. Sad and disappointed, okay. But do not drag on, dong. Follow these steps to keep you moving forward and forgetting the past.

busied himself
Remove all items that reminds you of him. Discard all the photos and love letters. Face the fact that he was not "belong" to you again. Sibukkan themselves with various activities, spend time to do fun things so far can not or you do not have time.

Let Go of Anger

Yelled and screamed their fill, looking at the photo and your ex-torn and burned. Write a letter that is very rude to describe your resentment towards the former and stick to the glass in the room while punching pads boxing. Anger money can poison your feelings on hold and cause resentment. Avoid resentment. Therefore, remove your feelings until no trace of anger. To do this is not a pleasant process and you need to do it in an enclosed space unseen others.


Avoid discussing issues with your ex because there is no point. Friends who have been your opinion would be appreciated and can help you deal with this separation with the objective. Good or bad, separation is an experience that helps a person to become wiser. If you have any problems to be resolved, an adult face and independently for the betterment of life romance you.

Discard Poor Taste

Throw away self-pity to reduce depression. This is also a way to overcome anger. You do not want to live alone. You have split up, so do not close themselves by running away on booze, drinking too much ice cream, or sleep for 24 hours. This is a sign of depression. Get out and meet your friends and your family. Do regular exercise.

Sleep Disorders

Despite feeling tired mind, keep regular sleeping and waking in the morning at the same hour every day. Start dating back to assure themselves able to receive the status of your loneliness. You can find a date via the internet or whatever.

Forget the Past

Open a new sheet of your life. Forget the past. Do not keep shackled by past memories that make you just living in dreamland. Come on, rise up! The world has not doomsday, really!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dazzle with Bold Eyes Feathers

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Thick lashes that will make you look stunning. Thicken lashes do not have to wear expensive cosmetics. There are natural ingredients that can make your eyelashes thicker.

Olive oil (olive oil)
Olive oil good for hair growth. Minya olives can also be used for the growth of eyelashes. Pour a few drops of olive oil on cotton and kompreskan the eye. Let stand for five minutes, then rinse with water
warm. Perform this treatment at least for four consecutive weeks for maximum results.

Vitamin B and D are good for endurance and eyelashes protect the eyes from the effects of chemicals contained in this maskara.Vitamin you can get from the consumption of everyday foods such as rice, fish and eggs.

Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly enhance hair growth in both. How to use easily, simply by applying petroleum jelly or vaseline on the eyelash comb and comb lashes. Let stand overnight, the next morning rinse with warm water.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E oil can also stimulate the growth of eyelashes. How to use the same as applying mascara. Squirt oil into the mascara brush, then apply to eyelashes.


Oil For Healthy Hair

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Natural hair care is better when it's done and the results can be more optimally. Hair treatments using oil, good for hair growth and also provide nutrients for the hair and scalp.

Olive oil: olive oil or olive oil benefits to strengthen the hair and nail conditions. Applying a few drops of olive oil on the hair as she massaged the scalp will make hair still damp and the hair a natural shine back. Olive oil also makes your hair more volume

Jojoba oil: Maintain healthy hair and reduce shedding, can use jojoba oil. Jojoba oil can protect the hair and scalp from chemical products which are often used for hair. Jojoba oil can also prevent excessive oil on the scalp and hair roots.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil can provide moisture to the hair. These natural ingredients rich in various supplements to the hair such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Vitamin supplements are important for the hair beneficial for strengthening the roots of the hair, moisturize hair and help prevent itching that occurs in the scalp.

Almond Oil: Almond oil efficacious to maintain hair growth. With the scalp massage will improve blood circulation in the scalp. Almond oil is rich in vitamin A. This is good for hair growth and restore hair to be healthy.

Ageless Secret Show

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Appear young is every woman's dream. To keep looking young and attractive, there are secrets. This is it.

1. In look, choose a dress that suits your personality, too old. Note also kepantasannya points. There's no way an adult woman like you look like a cheerleader with a mini skirt with pleats hit-run stocking. Fixed adjust the character, trends, and the environment in which your activities.

2. Watch your hairdo. If you usually let the hair looks lank, greasy even rumpled, should change that habit. Messy hair will make you look worn and look older. Note the volume of hair. Nothing wrong to roll the hair before you move. Hair volume and well-ordered will refresh your appearance.

3. If you feel having a bad hair day, do not worry. Prepare a pretty barrette. Tie your hair with a model of a neat pony tail, or an elegant French twist.

4. Note also shape your eyebrows. Messy eyebrows will make less than perfect appearance. Get used to clean up a messy eyebrow hair. Do not also shave your eyebrows are too thin because it will look unnatural. Insist shape your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. Your appearance will look more attractive.

5. To select the make-up, choose the colors soft. Makeup colors that are too old will also make your face look older.

6. Begin to buy anti-aging treatments are also eye cream. Treatment that would disguise the wrinkles on the face of the eye as well.

7. Eye area is often the gathering place for fine wrinkles, wrinkles. When wearing makeup, you should avoid the use of mascara to the tips of the eyes. Usually wear mascara at the end of the eye will only make the wrinkles around her is evident.

8. The lighter you wear makeup, then the better the results. Apply your eye liner with a thin line. Sweep of mascara also should not be too thick. Thick makeup will make your face look older.

9. Learn the correct way of wearing concealer and foundation. The use concealer and Fondation right will help you disguise the wrinkles on the face.

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