Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ageless Secret Show

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Appear young is every woman's dream. To keep looking young and attractive, there are secrets. This is it.

1. In look, choose a dress that suits your personality, too old. Note also kepantasannya points. There's no way an adult woman like you look like a cheerleader with a mini skirt with pleats hit-run stocking. Fixed adjust the character, trends, and the environment in which your activities.

2. Watch your hairdo. If you usually let the hair looks lank, greasy even rumpled, should change that habit. Messy hair will make you look worn and look older. Note the volume of hair. Nothing wrong to roll the hair before you move. Hair volume and well-ordered will refresh your appearance.

3. If you feel having a bad hair day, do not worry. Prepare a pretty barrette. Tie your hair with a model of a neat pony tail, or an elegant French twist.

4. Note also shape your eyebrows. Messy eyebrows will make less than perfect appearance. Get used to clean up a messy eyebrow hair. Do not also shave your eyebrows are too thin because it will look unnatural. Insist shape your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. Your appearance will look more attractive.

5. To select the make-up, choose the colors soft. Makeup colors that are too old will also make your face look older.

6. Begin to buy anti-aging treatments are also eye cream. Treatment that would disguise the wrinkles on the face of the eye as well.

7. Eye area is often the gathering place for fine wrinkles, wrinkles. When wearing makeup, you should avoid the use of mascara to the tips of the eyes. Usually wear mascara at the end of the eye will only make the wrinkles around her is evident.

8. The lighter you wear makeup, then the better the results. Apply your eye liner with a thin line. Sweep of mascara also should not be too thick. Thick makeup will make your face look older.

9. Learn the correct way of wearing concealer and foundation. The use concealer and Fondation right will help you disguise the wrinkles on the face.

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ArdianZzZ on March 26, 2010 at 10:12 AM said...

beautiful :)


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