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Prevent Hair Loss

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Treat your hair to always beautifully maintained. Because the strand by strand so precious.

Stress Release
Pollution, sunlight, and chemical products, growing the stress on the hair. In order to relax, massage your scalp and hair with a jealous, an hour before shampooing and before bed.

Besides relaxing scalp and hair, coconut oil also prevents gray hair, makes hair shiny, and strengthen the hair roots.

Damp hair
After shampoo, apply hair conditioner made from coconut palm. Perfumed hair and easy on-the comb. But do not get the scalp, yes, because it makes hair greasy.

Treat Every Time
Once a month treat your hair with a hair mask.
Masks make hair healthier. Vetiver in this hair mask strengthens hair roots, eliminates dandruff as well, you know.

Give Nutrition
Stimulate hair growth with hair tonic. Once touch your scalp, it feels very fresh. Massage gently, OK!

Picky Contact Lenses

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Many options for you who want to try wearing contact lenses. Adjust to the needs of living. Easy, right?

● Disposable Contact Lens
This type of contact lenses of the most practical. Can be selected to the daily, weekly, or monthly.

● Frequent Placement
Usage time can be up to 3-6 months.

● Permanent
Can be used up to one year or more. Instead, RGP lenses, including permanent and can be used up to two years.

● Day Or Night
If the terms of use, contact lenses divided by two. There can be used only during the day and there is also that you can wear while sleeping that night (of course, more oxygen conductivity).

Hair Sensation Spa at Home

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Hair experienced many "challenges" every day. Sunlight, dust, air pollution, up to the level of stress high constantly hit the health of the hair. Hair is easy to experience stress if not treated properly. Starting from dry hair, branched, dull, rigid, up to a severe fall. Just like you, hair is also an occasional need of relaxation.

To restore the health of the hair, usually a woman came to the salon to get their special treatment, one of which is hair spa. Hair spa is a treatment that is more than just creambath or deep conditioning that can neutralize the poison, both on the scalp and hair. In addition, these treatments can also menutrisi melembapkannya hair once. Women who get a hair spa treatment will have a smooth and shiny hair! Beautiful!

Actually hair care steps similar to spa creambath usual, but the difference is in massage techniques and materials used. Spa massage for hair is not done in the head, but more focused on each strand of hair plastered to his head. That way, certainly every strand of hair to get the required nutrients. Addition, the cream used for hair spa also uses basic ingredients that contains a lot of water so easily absorbed by the hair. No wonder if the sensation feels so refreshing!

From Salon Continues to House
If you want to do hair spa, you can try a range of hair products from L'Oréal Professionnel Spa named Original Hair Spa ®. Original Hair Spa ® is a series of premium creambath contained in salons Professionnel L'Oréal who treat a variety of hair types with various scalp conditions. Treatment aims to help get the hair relaxation through massage blend, fragrance products, and the perceived softness of hair after treatment. In the salon, you will get professional assistance to determine what type of hair spa suitable for your hair.

After performing maintenance on the Original ® Spa Hair Salon, you are advised to continue treatment at home for maximum results. This treatment can be obtained through a range of products and energizing Purifying Shampoo Scalp Massage Lotion in the form of hair tonic. Now, both products can be purchased at salons L'Oréal Professionnel. Your hair was still shiny and healthy charming!

Powerful Tips Overcome a broken heart!

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Where the love affair that has been woven since the long break in the middle of the road, it feels like the end. After everything that had worked together, now you have to do yourself. Could be farewell is your will or decision by both parties. Sad and disappointed, okay. But do not drag on, dong. Follow these steps to keep you moving forward and forgetting the past.

busied himself
Remove all items that reminds you of him. Discard all the photos and love letters. Face the fact that he was not "belong" to you again. Sibukkan themselves with various activities, spend time to do fun things so far can not or you do not have time.

Let Go of Anger

Yelled and screamed their fill, looking at the photo and your ex-torn and burned. Write a letter that is very rude to describe your resentment towards the former and stick to the glass in the room while punching pads boxing. Anger money can poison your feelings on hold and cause resentment. Avoid resentment. Therefore, remove your feelings until no trace of anger. To do this is not a pleasant process and you need to do it in an enclosed space unseen others.


Avoid discussing issues with your ex because there is no point. Friends who have been your opinion would be appreciated and can help you deal with this separation with the objective. Good or bad, separation is an experience that helps a person to become wiser. If you have any problems to be resolved, an adult face and independently for the betterment of life romance you.

Discard Poor Taste

Throw away self-pity to reduce depression. This is also a way to overcome anger. You do not want to live alone. You have split up, so do not close themselves by running away on booze, drinking too much ice cream, or sleep for 24 hours. This is a sign of depression. Get out and meet your friends and your family. Do regular exercise.

Sleep Disorders

Despite feeling tired mind, keep regular sleeping and waking in the morning at the same hour every day. Start dating back to assure themselves able to receive the status of your loneliness. You can find a date via the internet or whatever.

Forget the Past

Open a new sheet of your life. Forget the past. Do not keep shackled by past memories that make you just living in dreamland. Come on, rise up! The world has not doomsday, really!

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