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Hair Sensation Spa at Home

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Hair experienced many "challenges" every day. Sunlight, dust, air pollution, up to the level of stress high constantly hit the health of the hair. Hair is easy to experience stress if not treated properly. Starting from dry hair, branched, dull, rigid, up to a severe fall. Just like you, hair is also an occasional need of relaxation.

To restore the health of the hair, usually a woman came to the salon to get their special treatment, one of which is hair spa. Hair spa is a treatment that is more than just creambath or deep conditioning that can neutralize the poison, both on the scalp and hair. In addition, these treatments can also menutrisi melembapkannya hair once. Women who get a hair spa treatment will have a smooth and shiny hair! Beautiful!

Actually hair care steps similar to spa creambath usual, but the difference is in massage techniques and materials used. Spa massage for hair is not done in the head, but more focused on each strand of hair plastered to his head. That way, certainly every strand of hair to get the required nutrients. Addition, the cream used for hair spa also uses basic ingredients that contains a lot of water so easily absorbed by the hair. No wonder if the sensation feels so refreshing!

From Salon Continues to House
If you want to do hair spa, you can try a range of hair products from L'Oréal Professionnel Spa named Original Hair Spa ®. Original Hair Spa ® is a series of premium creambath contained in salons Professionnel L'Oréal who treat a variety of hair types with various scalp conditions. Treatment aims to help get the hair relaxation through massage blend, fragrance products, and the perceived softness of hair after treatment. In the salon, you will get professional assistance to determine what type of hair spa suitable for your hair.

After performing maintenance on the Original ® Spa Hair Salon, you are advised to continue treatment at home for maximum results. This treatment can be obtained through a range of products and energizing Purifying Shampoo Scalp Massage Lotion in the form of hair tonic. Now, both products can be purchased at salons L'Oréal Professionnel. Your hair was still shiny and healthy charming!

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