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Harmonizing Color in Face

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Brush your eyes and cheeks with a palette of colors according to the shape of the eyes and cheeks, in addition to good views, you will look beautiful and radiant.


Hollow Eyes

Use the color palette with a texture that has the effect of which function glitter or sheen to the eyes look more prominent or large. Then, brush bright colors like purple, blue, and yellow for meminimaliskan concave impression on the eye. To the corner of the eyes, use bright colors of eye shadow colors are used.

Convex or big eyes

to the eyes of a large convex or choose eye shadow palette with a texture with matte or plain do not have the sparkle that is useful for disguising large eyes, and use a color palette with dark brown, dark blue or dark green.

Small eyes

For women who have the kind of slanted eyes, small or valvate not use eye shadow with the dominant seprti bright colors of red, pink, and blue select species with a texture that serves to give a mate a big impression on your eyes.


Round face

Apply blush with a peach from the tip of the ear to the tip of the lips to provide a tapering effect on your round face, and would look into an oval.

Heart Face

For the landlady with a heart shape face, blusher pulaskan pale orange color that starts from the tip of the ear until the middle between the nose and lips

Face Box

Gentle wash of pink on the cheek that started from the tip of the ear toward the nostrils will give a soft impression of the jaw and temple area of your face.

When Beautiful Vacation :)

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At the time to accompany the baby on holiday, you should keep the skin beauty. The result, when the holiday was over, you were still pretty stunning.


Before you do an activity holiday, should look like wearing facial sunblock with UVA and UVB content of two hours prior to travel. Use a moisturizer that is free cosmetics containing oil (oil Free) and anti-water (water proof). Avoid wearing solid powder when a lot of activity in the sun because it will create black stains around the face. Use wax paper to remove sweat and oil that is on the face.


Do not biarakan your beautiful lip glow becomes dry and cracked due to sun exposure or dust flying, always use a lip balm that contains SPF 15, so that your lips become moist skin during the holidays. Do not use lipstick with the color "light" enough to select the color nude face look more fresh.


Protect your crown each piece with an important and easy-care, before traveling washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner that fit your hair type, and provide information on a hair tonic or vitamin to maintain hair sheen. You can even use a leave in condisioner (without rinse conditioner) to maintain your hair to keep it moist and protect from direct sunlight so that heat is not easily fragile and dry.


Before the outdoor activities, care of your skin using scrubs, body butter, or body lotion, after that use a sunblock or sunscreen 2 hours after treatment to avoid skin and protects skin from dryness caused by sun exposure. In order for your body is always fragrant and fresh, do not forget to slide the body or body mist cologne on your makeup pouch. berpakansi survivors.

'Friends' With Oily Skin

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Oily skin is marked with a skin that looks shiny surface, especially when you wake in the morning. Makeup on oily skin usually fade faster because the oil glands on the face is always active, whether day or night.

The pores also look bigger and followed by a buildup of blackheads around the nostrils. Oily skin is also more prone to acne.

Unfortunately, the excess oil on your face can not be eliminated, because it is inborn. Nevertheless, you can minimize it by setting a good diet. For example, avoid eating fried foods and increase fruits and vegetables.

Use a facial cleanser lotion or liquid form with a PH balanced, or combine both. After meyaput dirt on the skin face lotion, may also be followed by the use of soap and then rinse clean.

We recommend that you clean the skin on the face 2-3 times a day when you're at home. When outside the home, oil absorbent tissue can be used to reduce the excessive oil. In addition to absorbing oil, this tissue can also keep the makeup to stay looking neat because there is also equipped with a powder. When you choose a powdered oil absorbent paper, choose the color of the powder according to skin color.

Use the liquid as a refreshing astringent as it can lift excess oil. If confused in choosing suitable products, ask for advice on beauty consultant care where you purchased the product. Section, each brand has different content. Should replace the care products you use, a maximum of two years or so, to prevent skin become resistant (immune) against him.

Though your face is oily skin, you should also apply moisturizer to the skin prior to primp. Select a product as a liquid oil free, so do not face increased "shiny". Put this lotion evenly from the face up to the neck.

Charm from the Drop Earrings

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Earrings drop suitable for you who want to get the look of luxury and tempting, good luck.


Using a unified Paddan Earring

l matching with the dress or outfit with the simple details.

l Adjust the target event.

l Good hair style model with ponytail or bun.

l Adjust the length of earrings by face shape. If you have a short neck should never use rings that are too long because it will give the impression of a short neck.

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