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Harmonizing Color in Face

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Brush your eyes and cheeks with a palette of colors according to the shape of the eyes and cheeks, in addition to good views, you will look beautiful and radiant.


Hollow Eyes

Use the color palette with a texture that has the effect of which function glitter or sheen to the eyes look more prominent or large. Then, brush bright colors like purple, blue, and yellow for meminimaliskan concave impression on the eye. To the corner of the eyes, use bright colors of eye shadow colors are used.

Convex or big eyes

to the eyes of a large convex or choose eye shadow palette with a texture with matte or plain do not have the sparkle that is useful for disguising large eyes, and use a color palette with dark brown, dark blue or dark green.

Small eyes

For women who have the kind of slanted eyes, small or valvate not use eye shadow with the dominant seprti bright colors of red, pink, and blue select species with a texture that serves to give a mate a big impression on your eyes.


Round face

Apply blush with a peach from the tip of the ear to the tip of the lips to provide a tapering effect on your round face, and would look into an oval.

Heart Face

For the landlady with a heart shape face, blusher pulaskan pale orange color that starts from the tip of the ear until the middle between the nose and lips

Face Box

Gentle wash of pink on the cheek that started from the tip of the ear toward the nostrils will give a soft impression of the jaw and temple area of your face.

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