Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Customize your sunglasses with your face shape

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Wearing glasses is not a shortage. Often glasses can help someone "corrects" his face. With the proper choice of glasses, you can maximize your favorite area and less area to hide your liking.

The Round Face

Round faces should choose a frame glasses with a box or a frame with horizontal lines firmly. These glasses will make the face look longer. Dark colors will make the face more dimension.

The Oval Face

The oval frame sunglasses fitted with any model, provided that his frame is short. Materials can also frame his thick, like it was made from metal.

The Oval Face

The oval shape fits wear anything. Choose sunglasses that can highlight your brow shape.

The Face Box

To soften the face of your box, sunglasses with detail on the top and narrow a certain model is suitable for you. You can choose an oval or round shape to make your face is not too box.

The Triangle Faces

The triangular faces need narrow newfangled spectacles. Avoid loud-colored glasses, such as red or green that can make the bottom of your face is getting wider.

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