Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sexie Mole

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Many women think a mole on his face is a bully appearance. Not so in the Middle Ages. At that standards of beauty of a woman lies in a mole on his face.

Mole-called 'beauty spot' because it was considered impressive sexy. In fact, there was a trend to make fake mole made of black velvet cloth. Funnily enough, this trend is also functional, because the fabric was also used to cover acne or acne scars, also stain smallpox.

Let's reduce the fat in the body

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1. Reduce intake of carbohydrates, especially at night. By crossing out the rice or bread from the dinner menu, you are freed from the additional 3,000 calories per week.
2 Expand eat fruit. Better to choose fresh cut fruit juice rather than made.
3 Choose low-fat milk or non-fat milk. The number of calories in one cup of milk is half of normal milk.
4 Select the soy sauce or olive oil instead of sauce made from raw egg yolks and oil, such as mayonnaise or thousand island.
5 Consider the amount of sugar that enters the body. Choose low-calorie sugar, if you're want to enjoy the sweet drinks. Eating this kind of sugar could cut 2700 calories per week.

Specify Color Apparel For Attention Teaser

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Harmony in blue and yellow long indeed been engraved in the history of fashion. Apply two different types of yellow color to fresh effect immediately.

Casual dress shirts and cotton materials are always comfortable to be with me time. Contrast color dress with bright bandanas, bracelets, and shoes.

Free movement playsuit with hot pant and knee-shocking color. Customise or with your favorite bag.

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