Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let's reduce the fat in the body

Diposkan oleh Ellacute di 6:20 AM
1. Reduce intake of carbohydrates, especially at night. By crossing out the rice or bread from the dinner menu, you are freed from the additional 3,000 calories per week.
2 Expand eat fruit. Better to choose fresh cut fruit juice rather than made.
3 Choose low-fat milk or non-fat milk. The number of calories in one cup of milk is half of normal milk.
4 Select the soy sauce or olive oil instead of sauce made from raw egg yolks and oil, such as mayonnaise or thousand island.
5 Consider the amount of sugar that enters the body. Choose low-calorie sugar, if you're want to enjoy the sweet drinks. Eating this kind of sugar could cut 2700 calories per week.

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