Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beautiful with Tomatoes

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Not only beneficial to the body, tomatoes are also good for the skin.

Tomatoes are not only adorn a plate of fruit salad. Now, many beauty products containing tomatoes. Wonder why? Becausetomatoes contain substances that are nutritious for the skin!

Consume fruits and vegetables is arguably one of the best ways to keep your skin condition, because fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber which is useful as an antioxidant. This is a staged processof skin regeneration and repair skin cells damaged.
Skin and beauty experts have acknowledged that tomatoes containan antioxidant called lycopene, which is believed to neutralizeharmful molecules in the skin that can result from exposure to ultraviolet light. There are also substances in tomatoes calledTomatin, which can heal wounds and acne.
To enjoy the benefits of tomatoes for the skin, we can often eat tomatoes as food. Or, try a variety of tomato-containing productssuch as cleansing milk or scrub. Tomato scrub is one of theprocessed form of the powerful (for the skin of the face or body)created slough off dead skin so your skin clean, includingblackheads, shiny and the humidity is maintained.

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