Thursday, November 25, 2010

All About Pants

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With pants, you can freely indulge. Different models, different way of life

Skinny Pants

For the casual look, matching skinny pants with a loose top. Anyway, a baggy top trend.
● Skinny pants worn to the office is okay, but make sure you wear a shirt that is not too tight.
● Match with heels or flat. But avoiding fat newfangled shoes that can make your legs look strange. Skinny Pants is also a good friend of boots!

Capri Pants

● Before buying, make sure the Capri pants have a length that falls right in the middle calf, not too short or long.
● The most friendly Capri pants are Capri pants with baggy legs made from falls, so do not be too attached to the body. Pants of this kind can make the legs appear thinner, while the opposite applies strict Capri.
● Match with wedges Capri pants, flat shoes or keds. Please note that the Capri is the enemy closed boots and slippers.

Harem Pants

● Notice of harem pants before you buy. The slim fit with any material, but the material contains more suited to a fine or lycra.
● Keep it simple! Harem pants look very fit with simple tops. Cropped jacket can help define the waist when you wear these pants.
● Harem pants look good with heels as it can make you look slimmer and taller. But select the newfangled slender heels, yes! The height can combine these pants with sandals or flat shoes.
● Do not wear excessive accessories when wearing harem pants. Once again, simple is more!

Wide Leg Pants

● Balance the form of wide pants with fitted tops. Top baggy pants are not good friends with this model. Tight white T-shirt could look stunning with the help of a beautiful scarf or necklace layer.
● Create a clean appearance and not excessive. You can enter your top tip into these pants for an elegant look.
● Wear the right shoes so you look beautiful. The best option is to pump shoes!

Short Pants

● Get a "short" appropriate for your age. Do not wear pants too short so as to make people think you're still in puberty.
● Choose a top that is not too tight so you do not look too vulgar. Stack top with a jacket or cardigan.
● If you work in a creative field that tends to casual, you can wear shorts to the office. Choose shorts that height about 3 inches above the knee, matching with a baggy blouse or turtle neck and pretty heels (pumps / wedges). Relaxed but still classy!

Keeping Knives Stay Sharp

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Knives considered major equipment in the kitchen. If not sharp, would have annoying. It could not cut into the desired result. Here are a few tricks for the sharpness of the blade is maintained.

* Do not use for cutting hard objects.

* Hone knife sharpener with the stone. When sharpening, try the same direction. For example, over the next direction should always be upwards. Do not go up and down because it actually makes a dull knife.

* Before being used again, clean the blade with a dry cloth to avoid contamination with bacteria.

* Immediately after washing the knife used to cut materials that contain acids. Point for the color of the blade is not rapidly changing.

* Dry the blade with a towel after washing. Moreover, when the handle is made of wood. If left too long in wet conditions will be easily decomposed or damaged.

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